I'm just a person who loves making things work.

I've been lucky enough to work on everything from pure web apps to data center networking software,
and in my current role I specialize in working with Python, Node, PostgreSQL, GCP, and Vue.js.

In my current role as Senior Software Eng I'm responsible for big picture decisions,
new feature development, and training other team members.

While I'm always game for learning something new, these technologies are my home turf.

So far, I've gotten to build things with Git, HTML, CSS, C#, C, Java, JavaScript (React, Vue, Node), Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, Flask, and lots of SQL (SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle PSQL, and postgreSQL). In my free time, I'm interested in learning GraphQL, and maybe Rust or Go one of these days!

I'm interested in...

Right now I work primarily backend, and am responsible for CI-CD, python applications written in Django, Django REST Framework, and Flask. I'm interested in continuing to work with Python, and am learning Go in my spare time . Lately I've been considering further specialization in AI or data engineering, and so opportunities that allow me to explore those areas are of interest. I also love SQL and give workshops on it.

I also like making a difference in the community, so I mentor underrepresented people learning to code with nonprofit Code The Dream, and B-Corp Project Shift.


Bad Fortune Cookie API

Bad Fortune Cookie API

A Python/Django Rest Framework API on postgreSQL that serves a single page app I made separately with Vue.

Bad Fortune Cookie SPA

Bad Fortune Cookie SPA

A Vue.js single page application served by the API backend I made previously. This was a fun one because I made the fortune cookie using design software called Vectr

Enough To Be Dangerous

Enough To Be Dangerous

A Python/Django app detailing some of my technical misadventures, like the time I bought an iMac to take apart and put back together. Coming soon, some fun with qcows and virtual debian images!


This app was made for me and my siblings to write memories of our dad, who passed away not long ago and was my inspiration for becoming an engineer. I built this with Ruby/Rails, posgreSQL, and Skeleton

Old portfolio

Old Portfolio

This one let me get a bit more professional since I was now armed with media queries! I didn't use a framework for this one and through much trial and error I got the project grid to look perfect, even on devices as small as an iPhone 5.

Web scraper with python


This is a python scraper I made using BeautifulSoup that scrapes the top one hundred results from a Chinese media site and saves them into a CSV file. After struggling to figure out the scraper wanted to use x-path selectors the rest was very easy.

Stevens Academy

Stevens Academy

Although some of my earliest web work, I actually still like the aesthetic I created while redesigning an outdated charter school's website. I utilized CSS and HTML for this project.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

This was another early work made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Games are a great way to get a firm handle on the rules of engagement for object-oriented programming.

HTTP Horoscope

HTTP Horoscope

This let me work with Mongo, Node, and Vue which I really enjoyed. It gives you a monthly horoscope inspired by HTTP status codes.

Lady Dev

Lady Dev

This was an experiment with PHP and is a site where I document technical adventures through the lens of being a woman in a largely male field.

Javascript memory game

Memory Game

Another HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript project where control flow is used to establish game and win logic.



This is an MLH hackathon project built using MongoDB, Flask, React, Material UI, and the Twilio API to send text and email alerts about the number of coronavirus cases.


Intro to sql powerpoint slide

Intro To SQL

This was a two hour SQL workshop I led for ~20 students in 2020 using SQLFiddle and PostgreSQL to illustrate core database concepts.

Is it imposter syndrome powerpoint slide

Is it Imposter Syndrome?

A critical look at imposter syndrome through the lens of being an underrepresented person in technology, with a splash of sociology theory


Blog post - Gitastrophes Part I

Gitastrophes Part I

Part I of a two part series on the tool ecosystem for removing sensitive information from upstream repository history


Intro to sql powerpoint slide


As part of being a Code The Dream mentor I do assignments with the students so we can go through them together in sessions.This was a version of the classic battleship game, made during our Web Fundamentals unit

Need a developer?

Drop me a line at jtk.writes.code@protonmail.com